Your web privacy may be in jeopardy when you log into computers or end up on someone’s wifi.

Not everyone on the internet knows what happens to their privacy and information. In 2015, the Federal Communications Commission located in Washington D.C. made corrections to internet providers to help regulate internet information.

Senate voted 50-48 along party lines in favor of a resolution to people’s privacy on the internet, according to an article called: The Senate prepares to send internet privacy down a black hole on Wired.com.

“ Protecting users’ privacy has fallen to the Federal Trade Commission. In 2015, the FCC reclassified internet providers as utility-style which an appeals court decided the FCC has the sole authority to regulate. If they take effect, broadband providers could not sell your browsing data unless you explicitly opt in,” according to the article on the website.

For schools, some classes have information for research papers and essays.

Josquin lecturing his Web Security students about the complexities of web privacy.

“We go to websites and agree to use it on the company’s terms. I challenge you to get a cup of coffee, sit down one day and actually read through,” said Max Josquin, information system computer science department chair at SFCC. “I guarantee you by the second or third paragraph, you will not understand it because you are not a lawyer.”


“The agreements on websites take your information because you click yes, it takes just one click to make a difference online,” he says.

Some companies put a fine print in code where you just end up not reading all the way through and just figure it’s fine to click agree. Once that happens, many things can follow.

“I never thought that information could be used by companies just by clicking agree,” said Hanna Berg. “We all have become relying on internet and technology for school work and to turn in job applications or for social media where we make things public yet we want our privacy.”

Social media has changed the outlook of what is private and what is public posting.

Be careful on what you post and what websites you go to. Also, read the fine print on what you might be agreeing to when going to a website or downloading anything.