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SFCC Men’s Baseball Team Aiming for the Playoffs

By: Imani Guillory

The SFCC men’s baseball team has had a winning season so far, and they plan to continue bringing home more wins for our school. With a record of 18-12 (18 wins, 12 loses), SFCC have high hopes of making it to the playoffs this year and hopefully bringing home a trophy for their successful season. The batting leaders on the team include Kasey Kelly, Jordan Ross, Tyler Huck, and Kadin Beller; who is leading the team with the highest batting average of .400 (hits and average of 4 out of 10). Players like Evan Douglas, Jared Smith, Enrique Martinez, and Tyler Huck have all been key factors to the team with their outstanding efficiency focus, and hard work. SFCC’s most recent game was against CBC (Columbia Basin College) where the sasquatch came home with a win (2-3). The Sasquatch plan on moving higher up in their standing since they are ranked 6th in their conference, but their latest winning streak will hopefully move their ranking higher.


“If our guy’s could clean up their accuracy and aim, it would make a huge difference overall. Getting the ball to base fast, with accuracy, is something we definitely need to work on in our defense”.  Bobby Lee said. (Head Baseball Coach).

Other baseball players made comments as well, including Alex Reece (pitcher) and Mitchell Cox (1st base).

“When things don’t go our way, or when things go south, a lot of us get it in our heads and it shuts us out mentally, so that’s something I think we definitely need to work on, is teamwork and getting over obstacles” Mitchell Cox (1st base) said. “ Because we’re a good team and when things are going good for us, we start playing better baseball so I think overall, i think we need to use the team commodity to increase the amount of wins and improving our abilities on and off the field”.

“I guess one thing our team could do better this year for making the playoffs would be taking care of the little things on the field, ya know, like walks and hit by pitches, stuff that we can control and can clean up”. Alex Reece said.

Overall the Sasquatch plan on finishing the season strong, and taking care of the little things to help them bring home more wins and go further in the playoffs which take place May 26th – May 30th 2016.