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Artist Angela White explains how she creates musical scores from raindrop patterns.

Water drops on a pane of glass become classical sheets and scores, inspiring artist Angela White to conduct a different way to feel the rain.

Performer and sculpture Angela White has set out to communicate her soulful experiences through art. Mixed Media Traps is an exhibit in SFCC’s fine arts building showcasing the art of Angela White through Thu, May 18. The exhibit includes pieces created by collecting rain on a flat piece of glass, displaying those patterns on a sheet of paper, and playing them through a music box or player piano.

“For me I was more interested in the things I can’t see,” said White.

According to White, she wanted to recreate the atmosphere that she was surrounded in and put that into a form of music.

Thomas O’Day, director of SFCC’s art gallery came across Angela’s art and decided to display it here on campus.

“I just fell in love with it,” said O’Day.

When O’Day looks for an artist to promote and perform he dosen’t want something you see or hear everyday, but instead work that is beyond the mainstream sights and sounds that flood the internet and world of today.

“I try to find the work that is cutting edge,” he said.
O’Day looks for the collection of visuals as well as profound resonance that excite the senses and leave you in awe. This is exactly what O’Day believes Angela White’s art achieves.

Dan White, husband of the artist, brags about his wife’s talent and achievements. However, the real story was held in their roots, where they came up, how they began their journey.

“We started out at Beacon Sound Experimental record shop,” he said.

The music store located in Portland, Oregon, sells vinyl records, cassette tapes and ephemera. This compact record shop will often host live concerts and performances to draw people in.
To view Mixed Media Traps visit SFCC building 6, Mon-Fri, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. through May 18.