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CCS Woman’s Softball Team Moving Forward

By: Imani Guillory

CCS women’s softball team has had a great season so far, and they continue to work hard to hold their ranking in the Eastern Conference.

With a winning record of 28-16, the Sasquatch have high hopes for being a candidate for the playoffs. Star players include Madilyn Naccarato, who has a batting average of .429, Michele Strauss who leads the sasquatch with 7 homeruns, and Kylee Anderson who has the highest RBI of 42.

For CCS women’s softball team, Michele Strauss is an outstanding player who leads her team in four categories including having 22 walks, 170 strikeouts, and has an earned run average of 2.68.

The fighting Sasquatch are ranked 4th in their conference and are a well respected team with their positive attitudes, determination, and strong defensive skills that have helped them hold their ranking, and hopefully move them higher up.

“Most teams have basic skills that they acquire, and I think we have those basic skills, but i think the communication piece is what makes a huge difference between our athletes compared to other teams. We are capable of maneuvering into positions, filling space, we can predict where the ball most likely will land, and we have very good communication,” said Jujo Predisik, assistant coach of CCS women’s softball team.

“When it comes to the offensive approach, we are very much in attack mode, so we are moving very quickly and we are taking advantage of the weaknesses of the other team,”said Predisik. Along with coach Predisik, a couple of players on the softball team put in their insight on the team and their season

“Most teams are very focused and serious before games, and our tea is a little different because we know that we pay a lot better when we are relaxed and having fun, joking around, but don’t get us wrong because we do have focus and determination, it just helps us more when we are not so tensed up and we’re relaxed. Before games we usually will listen to music and just joke around in the batting cages, before we go out onto the field and it just works for us,” said Courtney Kent, catcher for the Sasquatch.

“I think the team really needs to improve on keeping our team chemistry going, because throughout the season, we sometimes fall apart through rough patches and we just need to remember that we are a team, a good team, and with each other’s help, we can get through adversity” said Courtney Adams, catcher.