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Campus veterans

By Michelle Peacock
Nov. 5, Volume 47 Issue 2

Veterans of the armed forces are apart of the student body that we get to thank this month. Here are four of SFCC’s veterans that were able to tell The Communicator a little bit about themselves.

In this room, veterans from every service are talking about the “good ole days,” working on school projects, and just getting to know another fellow service member.

Here are the answers all four veterans gave when asked about why they decided to come to continue their civilian education at SFCC.

Kim Icenhower is a veteran going to SFCC after a four year career as a Crew Chief  in the United States Air Force.

“After getting out of the military, I decided to come to SFCC for the Interpreter program and to transfer to Speech Pathology at a four year university,” Icenhower said.

Timothy Frankart is a United States Coast Guard veteran that is going to SFCC in search of a new major.

“I originally came here for the two year Flight Program that was kicked out of SFCC the first semester I came to the school.” Frankart said, “I was also interested in the Geology program which is also now gone, which is really sad. So far, I am just really frustrated by not having the programs I want avaliable.“

Dylan Fortney, a United States Army veteran came to SFCC after he ended a four year career in Army Infantry.

“I joined the Army in order to go to college, so I came to SFCC afterwards to get out of California. Education is important and I would rather do education than 20 years in the military,” Fortney said.

Jonathan Adamshapert, a United States Navy veteran came to SFCC, like the previous three after ending his career as a Corpsman.

“I needed a break from medicine so I opted for a degree in Professional Photography,” Adamshapert said. “So far this is the best decision I made in using my G.I. Bill. I plan to pursue a Bachelor’s in Business Management after graduation from the photography program. I want to use this degree to give back to the community.”

These are just four veterans around campus, please take a minute to thank a veteran on Nov. 11 for their sacrifice, and welcome them to the SFCC family.