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Artist Spotlight: Angela Rickerson

Angela Working

By Kiki Johanson


In a tucked away classroom hidden in the art building Angela Rickerson diligently works on a copic marker creation.

“I decided to go to school for art because it’s hard for me to express myself verbally,” Rickerson said.

“I have ADHD, so I’m always doing something,” said Rickerson.

“It does make it easy to be constantly producing art,” she said. “I find it easier to make art as a constant because it helps me focus.”Angela, detail shot

Angela explains that her art process is organic, as she finds the simplest means to go about a piece and then refines it from there.

“I am fascinated with the human body,” she said. “I thought about going into nursing but I just can’t with needles. So taking art classes allowed me to still learn from the body.”

One painting angela recently did is a self portrait where she is making a silly face wearing green shutter shades and a shark hat, holding a sock puppet also wearing green shutter shades and a shark hat.

“My art is more silly, I’m not a serious person,” she said. “I’’m not very smart sometimes so I joke around to get away with it.”
Angela hopes to go into the workforce after attending SFCC and will continue creating art as a hobby.