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2016 SFCC Track and Field

By: Charlie Dahl

April showers bring may flowers, it also brings baseball, softball, golf, lacrosse, tennis, volleyball, and of course outdoor track and field.

With previous athletes continuing their track careers, as well as new members of the team, the track and field team has had a determined season and is now about to attend Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges (NWAC) Championships.

The NWAC, is a sports association for community colleges in the United States. Encompassing Oregon, Washington and the Canadian province of British Columbia, it includes a total of 36 members and is the largest community college convention here in the United States.

“Championships is in ten days and we’re really excited for it,” said Amanda Kinzel a long distance runner for CCS track and field. “It should be interesting. You can always be so good on paper but it really doesn’t matter until the meet. It’s going to be my last track meet here so i just want to have fun, but i also want to win that’s all that matters at the end of the day.”

Track and Field is an extremely competitive sport on an individual level. You have to be top 16 in your event to even participate in Championships.

“There’s a lot of competition,” said Khryi Edwards, one of the newest athletes on the SFCC track team. “In high school you get a lot of people just running track for fun but on the college level, people are about their business. It’s fun though, I like not being on top all the time. It makes it interesting trying to compete harder but It’s definitely a change.”

This spring quarter is Edwards first quarter at SFCC. He recently moved here from the west side of Washington.

“I love track because it does not depend on anyone else,” said Edwards. “For a sport like basketball you’re only as good as the team is. For track you’re competing against others, but in the end it’s all about how you do.”

Although Track and Field sounds like it’s all about the challenge of competing, there’s a lot more too it.

“Track is a fun sport. I love track because you work hard and you are able show your talent,” said Gracie Ledwith a long distance runner for CCS track and field. “I love to run and I like all the girls. We all get along really well we and we’re all able to bond together because we run together everyday. It’s a lot of fun.”


If you want to support the CCS track team during championships, MT. HOOD CC will host this upcoming week of May 23-24.

26000 Southeast Stark Street, Gresham, OR 97030